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Established in 2000, PT. Millennium Penata Futures was one of the first financial institutions to develop an online trading platform that provided ordinary investors with the same tools and market access as the professionals.

Over nearly one decade, PT. Millennium Penata Futures has grown to become a fully licensed and regulated Indonesian Broker specialising in trading and investments, supporting an international client base from its headquarters in Indonesia and a growing network of offices around the Indonesia and the World.

PT. Millennium Penata Futures’s platform has evolved to meet the changing needs of traders and investors and today Millennium Penata Futures offers a full suite of platforms utilising web and mobile technologies that could only be dreamt of when it began.

Over the years, the online trading and investment industry has undergone dramatic changes, and Millennium Penata Futures has embraced new opportunities and initiatives that make the online trading industry more transparent and professional.

At the forefront of change, Millennium Penata Futures continues to build on its tradition of empowering investors with access to professional products, platforms and services.


FOCUS ON TECHNOLOGY Millennium Penata Futures has been unique in the online brokerage world due to its dedicated focus on IT.

As a specialist in online trading and investment, Millennium Penata Futures provides clients with electronic access to global exchanges, reliable trade executions and real-time market data.

Continuing investments in IT allow Millennium Penata Futures to offer multi-product access and sophisticated trading platforms to individual traders, brokerages and other institutional clients. Embracing the latest information technology and developing innovative trading solutions not only benefits clients but also keeps Millennium Penata Futures at the forefront of an ever-changing industry.

Investing in the future

Millennium Penata Futures is proud of its investment in IT infrastructure, data management, product development and online distribution. We succeed in attracting more private and institutional clients each year, as well as the multiple industry awards received for its online trading platforms based on MetaTrader 4 confirms that technology is one of Millennium Penata Futures’s most important assets.

Advanced trading systems capable of executing more than 100,000 transactions per day are at the core of Millennium Penata Futures’s IT infrastructure.

In addition to client transactions, the systems update thousands of live prices every second, while also monitoring tens of thousands of open orders. To control this vast amount of daily data traffic from around the world, Millennium Penata Futures operates two data centres, both located in Indonesia & Singapore.

We have always ensured that our technology and software are always state-of-the-art, Millennium Penata Futures employs over 50 IT specialists in Indonesia, China and Vietnam.


Millennium Penata Futures aims to be the very best at what it does by capitalising on its strengths, leveraging its people and technology and by following its vision and values without compromise.

Millennium Penata Futures’s mission is simple: Asia’s most profitable & professional facilitator to Global Markets. Core Values

  1. Integrity | Millennium Penata Futures earns its clients’ trust by delivering on its promises and providing transparency in its daily operations.
  2. Responsibility | Millennium Penata Futures deals openly and responsibly with its clients, employees and stakeholders in order to maintain trust and build strong long-term relationships.
  3. Respect | Millennium Penata Futures treats clients with the appropriate level of respect whether in person in writing or in electronic communications.
  4. Pride | Millennium Penata Futures strives to be the best at what it does and takes pride in its work and continuing success.
  5. Teamwork | Millennium Penata Futures respects and learns from its employees’ and stakeholders’ ideas and encourages independent thinking to solve problems.